My Dior So Real

We’re on sunny days and obviously de need the coolest sunglasses ever. As always I can give you a lot of ideas, but today I’m going to show you a ver good choice and a few similar ones.
Today I’m here to talk about the So Real sunglasses by Dior. I really like the shape and the design, but the best is that you can costumize them. Your sunglasses will be unique! You only have to go to their official webpage and choose the lenses, eyebrows, metal, nosepads… All!

But as I said this sunglasses are from Dior and are expensive (580€) so I made a little bit of research for you and I found similar ones for much less.

This are a few sunglasses from a brand called Coconut Lane that I’m currently working with, so here you have a 20% discount code. Now you have no excuse to buy this gorgeous sunglasses.


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