Paloalto Market

As you may know I really enjoy going to street markets to discover new places, new people, new brands and trends. 

Every first weekend of the month a creative market take place in an old factory. Yes, I’m talking about Paloalto market. 

This is the third time that I go there and I still love it as if it was the first time that I went. Great live music – singers and DJ’s – really tasty food from all kinds – cakes, organic, japanese desserts, food trucks and more – and lots of creative minds are there avery month. Cool, right?

This is the perfect place your young entrepeurs to start their own brand and show to the world their creations. There are such great ideas there and a lot of diversity. 

In addition there are lots of bloggers talking to this creative people and presenting thirselves for future collabs with the brands. There are well-known TV programs too recording the good vibes that are there. 

So I truly recommend you to go if you’re in the area. Just click here to visit Paloalto’s official webpage and get informed. 

Love and lipstick ❤️

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