Contouring & Highlighting

Every day we all see al those pics where the girls look literally perfect. Belive me, they can be pretty but never perfect, it’s all about makeup, it’s all about contouring and highlighting.
I’m pretty sure that you have heard about contouring and highlighting at least once. But, what’s that? This technique consists in adding a lighter shade in the parts of your face that you want to stand out and adding a darker one where you want to define your face.


Now look yourself in the mirror and find the shape of your face. Find it on the guide above and using a lighter and darker shade contour your face.
Guidelines are very useful, but summing up what you have to do is this:
• Use highlighter in front of your forehead and chin. Then to the front part of your nose, underneath your eyes and on your cheekbones.
• Use bronzer underneath the cheekbones, underneath the jaw and chin, temples and the sides of your forehead.

This is what you have to do to get that “perfection” look. In my opinion is gorgeous for professional photo shootings or for an important event, but not for wearing it every day.
Do you like contouring? Tell me in the comment box what do you think about it.
Love and lipstick ❤

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