Coachella inspiration

Who haven’t heard about Coachella? I’m sure that you did at least once or twice. If not, Coachella is a huge art and music festival that is going to take place from 15 to 24 april.

So today I’m going to give you three different outfits that could be a very good choice to wear to Coachella. 

The first one is the girly chic outfit. It’s pink and has flowers so that’s super feminine. A white backpack to carry all the thibgs you need and white sandals to finish the look. 

With this I would wear neutral makeup and two braids. I think that this hairstyle is the best and suits the outfit perfectly. 

The second one is the dark glam. I love this outfit because it’s almost black but it has very cool details like the collar of the top, the bracelet and the silver backpack. 

With this look I would wear a rocking makeup with a fishtail braid. 

And the last one is the boho outfit. I think that this is so romantic because of the dress with this amazing sandals with details. To finish the outfit I added an amazing bag with flare that I think that is perfect for this festival. 

With this I would wear makeup in brown and natural shades. And I would do nothing with my hair, maybe a headband and nothing else. 

I hope you liked the looks. These are three completely different so I’m sure that at least one suits your style. Tell me in the comment box what do you think about them!

Love and lisptick ❤️

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