Flash Tattoos

Coachella starts this friday so we’re almost done with our looks. But there’s something left yet, something’s missing. To give that glam and special touch to all your looks just use this amazing “accessories” that are so trendy and easy to use.

Flash tattoos are just temporary tattoos. But there are so many different styles, colors and fun shapes. This is like the tattoos that I use to find in the chips bag. You only have to wet the tattoo with a little bit of water and wait a minute for it to stick to your skin.

You’ll look gorgeous at the moment and your looks will have that special touch. Mine are metallic and I really like wearing them in summer like they were bracelets or other jewellery.

Weather you go to Coachella this year or not, you should try this because it’s super inexpensive and always looks awesome when the hot weather comes and we show a little bit more of skin.

Love and lipstick ❤

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