Coconut Lane London

Finding brands that really suits you it’s kinda hard. It’s like trying to find your other half, and this requires a lot of research and time. And that’s the reason why I am so happy. A few months ago a brand called Coconut Lane asked me if I was interested to working with them.

First of all I always search the brand on the internet and I try to learn as much as I can about them to know with who am I talking to. The fist thing that I saw on their webpage was a pineapple and lots of pink, that was a really good sign. I read their about webpage and I looked all their products, and I felt in love with all of them instantly.

That brand was literally me and I couldn’t wait more to tell them that I was so excited un collaborating. That was the story of how I started being a Coconut Queen.

But, what’s Coconut Lane?
This is the sassiest and more girly brand ever. Think about mermaids, pineapples, pink flamingos, marble, amazing quotes… That’s Coconut Lane. Go to their website and check out all their products because there are amazing items and so cheap. But wait… I have a discount code! Of course! Now you have no excuse to feel like Queen B going shopping. Use the code”goldlipstick20” to get a 20% free.

Love and lipstick! ❤️

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