Hair fashion night

An accessorie is not always an item that you can actually buy in a shop. Your hair can be a good accessorie too, because a bad hair can turn an amazing outfit to an horrible one. 

L’Oréal Professionnel has announced the first edition of HAIR FASHION NIGHT, an international event that is going to take place on 12 May. 32 countries around the world are going to open their doors to the public to do quick hair makeovers. 

This is an amazing opportunity if you want to change your hairstyle. You only have to download an app called “Style my hair”, where you take a picture of yourself and you change hairstyles and hair color. Once at the saloon you only have to show the picture to your styler and you’ll look exactly as the picture you created before. 

If you want to go for free you have to inscribe yourself via web. Go to their official webpage (depends of the country) and then to the “hair fashion night” section. So make sure you have booked an appointment as soon as possible. 

Love and lipstick! ❤️

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