Nude lipsticks

While looking through thousands and thousands of photos of makeup looks I realised what is the huge trend of the moment. Wearing nude lipstick is the key right now, and this is fabulous, because it lets you do as much as you can in your eyes, because it will look amazing anyway.

I really liked the idea to wear nude lipstick, so I went to the shop and I looked for one for me, I went home and I tryed it. Guys, this is not what it looks like, it’s even harder than you think. So today I’m going to give you some quick and easy tips to wear nude lipstick as a pro.

1.- Choose the right shade: Maybe you didin’t know this,  but not all the shades will look good on you.

2.- Healthy lips: Your lips have to be healthy and soft, because if not, that color will look horrible. What you can do is exfoliate your lips with some sugar and honey, and then moisturize them. Now you’re ready to use the lipstick.

3.- Use lip liner: Buy a lip liner in the same shade, and line your lips correctly before using the lipstick. This way you’ll have more control of where are you painting, because a mistake with nude lipstick is very visible, and everybody will see that you didn’t painted your lips well.

I bought two lipsticks. The first one is the Apocalips lip velvet Mat in the shade 206 Atomic rose by Rimmel London (the truth is that I already have it from before), and the second one is the Megalast Lip color in the shade bare it all 902C from Wet n Wild. 

So I hope that this post inspired you or helped you choosing your next lipstick shade.

Love and lipstick ❤