Stradivarius – The summer expedition

Stradivarius and Vueling have joined to celebrate The Summer Expedition 2016, with the creation of the first pop up store digital aboard a plane. Some of the most prestigious fashion infuencers have attended, along with the other passengers, that have been able to live a shopping experience from the heights.

Stradivarius and Vueling have joined to celebrate, for the second consecutive year,  Summer Expedition 2016, which this time, involved the creation of the first digital pop up store aboard a plane. It has invited the guests from Barcelona to Split (Croatia) to buy items from the last Stradivarius collection. The passengers, along with important international fashion bloggers who did not want miss the opportunity to participate in such an event.

Stradivarius&Vueling_TheSummerExpedition (1)

If last May 2015 defied the laws of gravity with an air parade, this year’s target has been even better, accompanying passengers in the shopping experience through the digital pop up store. To do so, Stradivarius has had the Vueling support, a company known for its young and innovative character, that in 2009 launched a mobile application.

Stradivarius&Vueling_TheSummerExpedition (4)

Once the boarding, the flight passengers were delivered mobile phones, allowing thus, buying clothes from the latest collection of Stradivarius through an app developed for this day.

The event served to present together, one of the most trendy Vueling’s summer destinations (Split, on the Croatian coast), next to the new summer collection of Stradivarius. The presentation has had the assistance of important international fashion bloggers who did not want miss the opportunity to participate.

Stradivarius&Vueling_TheSummerExpedition (6)

After ordering from the cockpit of the commander that passengers do not leave the Split airport without before collecting some packages, with numbers assigned to their seats. They found a thank you card to form part of this experience and the details for a perfect for days of sun and beach.

Stradivarius&Vueling_TheSummerExpedition (7)

Would you like to shop while you’re in a flight? Check out the latest Stradivarius‘ collection and see what all that fashion influencers wore to Split, Croatia.

Love and lipstick! ❤

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