Sushi style

Sping is here, and with it new colors have come. As you may know I’m not a good friend of bright colors, but I try my best to not look boring and dull. I opened my closet and I looked for more colorful things to wear this spring. Surprisingly I have colorful clothes! Well, not so bright, but with some color.

So today I wanted to show you what I wore the other day, and maybe you get inspired.


It was a really hot day because the sun was shinning so hard, and I could feel the rays on my skin. I do carry a sweater on my bag, just in case the weather changed to cold, but I didn’t need it at all.


I wanted to wear comfortable clothes too, because I was going to spend the whole day with my friends, going shopping, walking through the city and taking photos. So I really needed to feel comfy in my outfit.

Finally I knew what to wear. Yes, I’m one of those girls who spends hours looking the clothes of her wardrobe and thinking that there’s nothing to wear. I really love to wear high heels, but as I said before I was going to spend the whole day walking, so weating heels didn’t make sense. And finally I choosed to wear this lovely bluchers, that I’m pretty always wearing because they’re so comfortable.


I wore some black jeans, because I choosed to wear this sushi printed shirt (that I’m so in love with), with japaneese letters and it has some black details on the neck and arms. And to carry all the things that I needed during the day I opted for my leather backpack.


Tha latests details to my outfit were my sunglasses, my watch and my phone’s case. Below I leave you all the items that I wore, I hope you got some inspiration.

  • Sushi shirt from Pull&Bear
  • Black jeans from Bershka
  • Bluchers from Zara
  • Backpack from Forever21
  • Sunglasses from Dolce&Gabbana
  • Watch from Casio

Lots of love and lipstick ❤