Silver lighning

This summer we san see a lot of new cool colors on trend, but nobody have never thinked about metallic pieces. Why? I don’t know, but wearing silver items is so in right now and it’s a trend that I abosolutely adore.

Maybe you’re thinking about that you can only wear silver on accessories like rings, earings, bracelets… Of course you can, but it’s a great idea to add even more silver to you outfit with skirts, tops, bags, shoes… Pretty all!

Below I leave you some amazing items and cool outfit ideas, and maybe you get inspired.

1. sunglasses dior so real 2. Eyes bag

Dior so real sunglasses / Anya Hindmarch Purse: If you’re afraid of wearing too much silver just go with an amazing accessorie like sunglasses or a bag. You won’t wear too much of this color, but you’ll make this item the main one.

3. Adidas.jpg

4. Robert Clergerie

Stan Smith metallic by Adidas + Raf Simons / Robert Clergerie platform slides: As a shoe obssessed I must say that the best of a look are the shoes, and I do! Wearing silver shoes will make unique and stand out. Make sure you have a pair of sneakers or sandals to wear this summer.

5. Shorts

6. Skirt

Isabel Marant metallic shorts / Gucci plissé skirt: Dare with this shorts or a skirt. Don’t be afraid of wearing this, it’s so easy to mix with other clothes. The best color to mix with? Try with white and you’ll look fabulous instantly.

So this has been some items that I wanted to show you. They’re a little bit pricey because I really wanted to show that important brands are using silver in their collections. Tell me in the comment box if you want me to write a post about low cost silver items and how to wear them.

Love and lipstick ❤

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