Frostino by Costa Coffee

I was in Exmouth (England) when I drinked my first coffe at Costa Coffee. It happened because it was on my way to where my friends and I used to met, so one day I decided to take a coffe in the middle of my way. When I returned to my city I realised that there were Costa Coffee here too. Amazing!

Since them I’m a frequent costumer, and I have tried so many different coffes (there’s a long list), but my ultimate favorite is the cappuccino. And besides the drinks that they have the whole year, they also have special ones depending on the season we’re into.

So this summer, as a new special drink for the season, they have created the frostino. But, what’s that? As Costa Coffee says:

Frostino is our exciting new range of iced blended drinks which promises you the ultimate indulgence. Our Frostino’s offer delicious flavour combinations, a smooth, thick consistency and generous cream topping. Many of the Frostino flavours are also layered with fun confectionary such as cookie crumb or chocolate curls and every coffee Frostino is swirled with our famous freshly extracted Mocha Italia blend espresso.


On friday 17 June they celebrated an event to present this new range of drinks. There was live music playing (guest DJ), a place to take super cool photos, a roulette full of prizes and a Malta’s trip raffle.

We spent a very nice time in the chill out terrace hearing music and enjoying our frostinos!

Have you ever gone to Costa Coffee? Tell me about it in the comment box!

Love and lipstick ❤

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