AFW BCN Street style

As you may know I went to the Africa Fashion Week in Barcelona. In an other post I talked about the runway and I shared with you some photos of the collectons and different designers (click here to read that post). But not all the style and glamour is on the catwalk, in my opinion the street style of the attendants is as important as that.

So today I wanted to share with you what I wore to the AFWB. Obviously I wanted to be glamurous and fashionable, but it was a little bit difficult because that same day it was pouring down, not kidding. Anyway I get dressed, after a hundred years looking what to wear, and I went to the place where the event took place (the Born). Wet, but still stylish.

1edited.jpgHopefully when the catwalk ended it stopped raining, so I could take some photos to show you what I wore to the fashion event.

As I said I wanted to look stylish, but I’m that kind of person who always look for comfort. If you don’t feel comfortable about what you’re wearing, you’ll ruin your entire look.

An other important thing is the weather. I supposed to be inside of the building, so I wore this top to be cool and long pants. And, of course, I was wearing a jacket to be outside.

The main item 2edited.jpgof my outfit were my printed palazzo pants, that’s the reason why I wore a plain bardot crop top. As I said before, I was wearing a leather jacket for if the weather turned cold. I paired my favorite platform sandals with a leather hand bag in black as well. That’s the perfect bag to wear to an event like this, and sure I could carry all the things that I needed.

I didn’t wear too much accessories, just my watch, a pair of simple bracelets that I wear every day and a small necklace.


So that’s what I wore to the Africa Fashion Week BCN. What do you think about the outfit? What would you wear to an event like this? Tell me all about it in the comment box down below.

Love and lipstick ❤


  • Bardot crop top from Bershka
  • Printed palazzo pants from Pull&Bear
  • Platform sandals from Camila’s
  • Leather bag
  • Leather jacket from Zara
  • Watch from Casio
  • Necklace from Forever 21

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