Tony Moly I am real mask review

A few time ago I started seeing a lot of celebrities (via Social Media) showing their skincare routine and the products that they use. Honestly, when I saw them with a mask sheet on their face I laughed a lot. But after seeing many of them use it I started wondering if that really worked.

Lately, this Korean beauty products have become so popular, so I wanted to try too. I went to the drugstore and there I found so many korean beauty products, specially mask sheets. That was so funny because of the packages, and the image in my head showing me how would I look with that on my face.

After looking so many different mask sheets I finally decided for the I am real” mask sheet from Tony Moly. There are 11 different ones, so I bought the Tea Tree skin soothing one.


So I took this with me on a travel, and one afternoon that me and my friends (they had the mask too) were very tired we decided to do some skin care and relax. The sheet is soaked with the product and you only have to adjust the sheet (with a strange face shape) on your face. I struggled a little bit because you have to be careful not to tear it, and then because my face is small and it was a little bit difficult to adjust it to my face (I ended up a little bit wrinkled).


I left it on my face for about 15 min (better read the instructions behind the package) and I removed the mask sheet and I washed my face to get rid of any remaining preduct. I honestly have never felt my skin so nourished, moisturized, soft and smooth. I really didn’t have any good expectations about it, and I was wrong, this product is amazing, and I’m sure that I’m going to try more mask sheets from the same collection because I’m very happy with the results.

Have you ever tried a mask sheed? Tell me in the comments down below if you did or if you would like to.

Love and lipstick ❤

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