What to buy this sales?

As many of you I’m a person who loves so so much going shopping, but obviously I can’t afford all the items that I fall in love with. So that’s the reason why I love sales so much. I know that there are not always the things that we were looking for a time ago, but we can find even better things with very good prices. You only have to know how to go shopping the right way.

Many people goes crazy when sales come, and that’s the worst thing you can do. The sales season must be the chance to revew your wardrobe WITH THOSE THINGS YOU KNOW YOU’LL NEED AND USE. But a lot of people just buy things for their price and because they thing that they may use it one or two times in the future. They’re wrong. You must buy things that you know for sure you’ll use, things that suits your style perfectly and things that you feel yourself wearing it.

After all this boring discourse I’m going to get started showing you what I would buy during this sales. This are things that really suits my style and I know for sure that I would use lots and lots of times. I hope you can get some inspiration from it!


In this post you’ll see perfectly my style. As you can see I really like structured bags, and always in the same tones (low pink, nude, black or grey) because I know what I use to wear and this will always look good with any of my outfits.


Shoes are my unbridled love. If I love a pair of shoes, I really fall in them with them. For me the shoes are the most important part of the outfit (that look even better if they matches your bag). I¨’m a kind of person who can’t wear flats, because they’re not comfortable for me and I get tired easily, that’s what happens to me when I wear flats. So that’s the reason why I always try to look for shoes with heels, and even platforms with a little bit of slope to be comfortable all day long. For what it refers to clors is pretty the same, the most part of them are black, but this year I’m playing a little bit with metallic effects.

Basic clothes.png

As I said, you must buy things that you know for sure that you’re going to use a lot in the future. So go straight for basic pieces! Before buying strange clothes with a lot of graphics, lots of strange colors that are hard to wear and strange shapes, make sure you have all the basic pieces you need in your wadrobe. This are the clothe that are going to save you from a lot of different occasions and the clothes that you’re going to use the most. It’s worth  it, so spend money in them and you won’t regret.


Sales season is, for sure, a great time to furnish with new makeup. Above you can see some of my favourite makeup products, the most part of them from Rimmel London (if you use to read my blog you’ll know that it’s my favorite makeup brand ever).

Now you have an idea of what I’m gonna buy on this sales, and I’m sure that you know how my stye looks like. I hope all this helped you choose on what to spend money on. Any item that you liked from this post is linked in every image, so click in them and you’ll be redirected.

After going sales I’m sure that I’m going to share with you what I bought. Tell me in the comment box down below that do you expect to buy on this sales!

Love and lipstick ❤

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