Add some pink #OOTD

Today for the daily fashion inspiration I bring you my favorite color, light pink. It’s not only because is on trend, is because I think that is a sweet color that gives that touch of color to your outfits without looking too garish.
If you’ve seen the outfits that I share here on my blog you’ll probably know how my style looks like. So I’m sure that you know that I’m always wearing neutral colors, and I like to add that extra with some awesome color (usually pink). So that’s what I wanted to show you today. I created a black and white outfit with silver accessories, and then the bag in light pink (purse or backpack).
I hope you like it and see you tomorrow! Love and lipstick ❤
Add some pink #OOTD

11 thoughts on “Add some pink #OOTD

    • I am a huge fan of pink, but only the light one that seems cotton candy. But don’t worry, “Different strokes for different folks”!!!

      Mireia from TGL❤


    • The best is that you can wear them with everything you want because they’ll match gorgeously!

      Mireia from TGL ❤


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