080 BCN fashion week

It’s been so long since I hear for the first time about the 080 fashion week in Barcelona. That was when I started investigating more about fashion and important events to attend. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend, and honestly in that times I wasn’t dying to go there.

Since the last year that I tarted writing at thegoldlipstick.com I’m super interested in this kind of events, because if you have the opportinity to go don’t think about it, just do it (yes, I’ve just copied Nike’s slogan). Going to an event such as 080 fashion week is a great experience, and I’m sure you’ll lear a lot from it.


This year I had the opportunity to go, and I would never change that, for sure. First of all I was going to go to a fashion conference where experts explained what their fashion business consists in, their history and a lot of useful tips and tricks for starters (people who want to start their own business or brand). Then some entrepeneurs exposed their ideas and their brands, because there was a financial prize that was given to the most interesting one. It really helped me because of the history and experience of the experts, their tips and the amount of ideas that all the people gave me. The morning was so worth it! That’s true that the conference lasted three hours, but in the middle of every hour we were invited to go to an other room where there was a table with delicious things like chocolate, normal and flavoured water, coffee… Well known magazines too, and at the end of the conference we were given champagne (all that is because of the sponsors).


Me, as many other people, wants to look fabulous, gorgeous, astonishing and amazing to attend to an event like this. But at the same time I wanted to wear comfortable clothes because I knew that I was going to spend there a lot of hours there. So after looking and looking for several possible outfits to wear, I definitely found exactly what I was looking for!

It’s this super comfy jumper from Bershka. I love it because the bottom is like a culotte pant, and you might know that I’m really obsessed with them. What really surprised me is that I was wearing really light coloured clothes, when I usually wear a lot of black. Surprisingly this time I went for this white jumper with stripes, my crossed sandals from Camila’s and an amazing blue crossbody bag from Parfois (that everybody felt in love with through my social media).

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So I wanna thank the people who has made this experience real, I’m so glad to have attended to 080 BCN and honestly I had a lot of fun there. Soon I’ll share a pair of posts about the fashion shows that I saw during 080 BCN fashion week.

Have you ever been to a fashion show or event? Would you like to? Tell me your opinion in the comment box down below!

Love and lipstick ❤