3 destinations 3 outfits

Style can be found wherever you go, because you’re the one who is stylish. Today I’m going to show you three different outfit ideas for three different types of vacations or destinations. I tried to keep them affordable, this way we could all be fabulous this summer!


Countryside outfit

In this first outfit I wanted to recreate a little bit the style of Coachella. A cute boho dress, with a hat, suede ankle boots with flare and matching sunglasses. Maybe wearing ankle boots in summer is a little bit too much, but the good thing about them is that you have cut outs, so they’re much more fresh.


City outfit

This one is for the girls who are going to do some tourism in the city. In this one I’m using casual clothes like denim, sneakers and a backpack, but you’ll look so trendy thanks to the metallic details. This is definitely my favourite outfit of all three.


Tropical beach outfit

I’ve said “tropical” because I’ve seen that a lot of bloggers are going to fancy places like tropical islands, but you can wear this outfit to take a walk near the beach whenever you like. In this one I’m using a lot of color with the red dress, matching the colored sandals and the clutch. So fresh and so bright, just perfect for summer!

So this have been the three different styles for three different occasions. As I said before, my favourite one is the city outfit, because the colors that I used matches perfectly my style, but obviously I would wear the other two outfits too!

Tell me in the comment box which of the outfits is your favourite and what would you wear to go to this three places.

Love and lipstick ❤