Clone Chanel’s shoes

You know that I love sharing things with you , and every thime that I find an affordable item that it’s pretty similar than one from a high rated brand I immediately share my discovery. Thanks to the new collecions that are launching this days I’ve found some amazing clones that I’ll share with you pretty soon.

As you may know I’m a big shoe lover, I literally fall in love with them. So I was scrolling down some online shops and I discovered the ultimate clone of all times. Do you know Chanel? Yes, so someone decided to design a pair of shoes like the most famous shoes from the brand.


This shoes were a huge invention, because the nude color suposed to majke you legs look longer, and the black tip to make you feet look smaller. Well done Gabrielle! So now we have an amazing pair of shoes, that look pretty comfortable and easy to wear with a lot of outfit combinations. But, they’re a little bit pricey.


This is Zara’s version. They pretty similar, right? The heel is higher and it’s not the same material, but they look quite identical in my opinion. The good thing about them is taht they are a lot cheaper (25,95€).

Obviously they won’t have the same quality, but it’s a good choice if you like them but you can’t afford them. Looking for clones is always good. Do you think that they’re pretty similar? Tell me your opinion in the comment box down below!

Love and lipstick ❤

6 thoughts on “Clone Chanel’s shoes

    • Thank you! Soon I’ll post some more clones, so stay tunned if you’re interested.

      Mireia from TGL❤


    • Of course! On tuesday I’m going to share an other “clone” so stay tunned!

      Mireia from TGL ❤️


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