What should I wear to prom?

I’m a very foresight person, and I like to have things prepared an amount of time before it should. Maybe you know that I’m graduating next year, but I’m starting to search my prom dress because I know, that once started the new school year, I won’t have time to look for it.

I’ve been looking for several different brands, but I’ve realised that I don’t want the classic prom dress, I want something that suits my style perfectly. I’m so persnickety, I know it haha. So I ended up searching at TBDress and there I found a few amazing prom dresses that could be a very good choice.

This is the first option, and probably my favorite. As you may know I’m not a good friend of bright colors (because I’m always wearing black and white) but in this case this red dress is perfect for prom. The color, the shape, the length… I think that suits my style perfectly.

This second dress reminds me one that I saw in a Met gala, but I don’t remember who was wearing it. The top looks like a Chinese print and that’s why I like it. Maybe it’s a little more striking, but this can be a good thing.

Again following the red tones. This third dress has a darker tone, with a different type of fabric that it’s pretty unusual and with some details in the top. This could be a good option too.

And lastly, returning to the default colors, this gold and black dress. I like this dress because of the back and the small details. It’s more simple but with the gold top is enough.

The best? I discovered that you can have your dress with a costumized size for just a little bit more, and this way I’m sure that we’ll look gorgeous with our prom dresses. Am I right?

Tell me in the comment box down below how do you want your prom dress to look like. Do you like any of these?

Love and lipstick ❤

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