Improve your photography

Taking photos of that what you like is a great way to keep that memory for a very long time. But nowadays we took photos of pretty everything to show to the entire world where we are, what we’re doing, what we’re eating, what we’re wearing… Yes, I’m that kind of person too.

Today I wanted to show you some tips, that you probably have heard but I’ll tell you anyway because they work amazingly for me, and I really want to show them with you. I’m going to show you as well some of my pics, so maybe you get inspired too!


To have the appropiate light is a must. WIthout good lightning you can’t take a good photo, so make sure that you have the best natural light that you can. Yes, always natural light, this will make a huge difference.



Don’t take just one photo of something. Try from different angles and then you’ll have more options to choose. I’m sure that this way you’ll find the perfect pic. I loove taking flatlays, but I always love to experiment with lots of different perspectives.



Turn on the HDR option on your camera phone because this will improve your photos a lot. Honestly I don’t understand exactly what it does, but my pics looks great when I use it.



Details definitely make the difference, so don’t be afraid of taking photos of detailed things. Honestly people love this kind of photos, and for me they’re the best too.



This is the best tip I can give you. Just have fun taking photos, be creative and original. Get lots of inspirations from other users or go outside and look for inspiration on the things that surrounds you.


So this are the few tricks I wanted to show with you today. Honestly this are the must ones for taking a good photo, the rest is up to you. Everyone have their way to take photos! I hope you get a little bit of inspiration from my photos.

Tell me in the comment box you best tricks to take good photos. I’ll be glad to read them!

Love and lipstick ❤