I love my hair. That’s true, I’m proud of my hair. My hair is naturally straight with a kind of light brown color (now called bronde because it’s a mix between brown and blonde). I have always liked the way that my hair looks, so I have never used any kind of dye or heating tools that ruined my hair. Only a few times a curling iron, but only for very special occasions and always using specific products to keep my hair moisturized and healthy.

Some of you have told me as well that you love my hair. Thank you so much! And not long ago a brand specialized in hair extensions and other tools got in touch with me to do a collaboration. I think that they liked my hair too haha. So, obviously, I said yes! I know that a lot of you are very interested in hair tips, hacks, and hairstyles, so I had to take the chance.

This is the Diamond hair styler from Irresistible Me. I read some reviews on their web page and I saw that everyone was astonished about the result. But, I’m so curious and I wanted to try it as well. As they said, is a smart iron with diamond tech. Obviously that I was curious about it!

The shipping was so fast, considering that I live on the other side of the Pond. The flat iron comes in a glamorous box, all very professional. So I couldn’t wait anymore and I tried it as soon as I had it on my hands. My opinion? The reviews from their web page are right, it’s awesome. It works amazingly! And it’s super easy to use, with instant heat-up and intelligent heat and temperature display.

Soon I’ll be sharing a post doing a few different hairstyles using this flat iron, because who said that is only for straightening your hair? Below I leave you some pics of the product and the package. Tell me in the comment box what do you think about it!

Love and lipstick ❤


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