Shirts are my go to top. I’m not too much fan of T-Shirts because only a few ones I feel that suit my style, so I always go for shirts. I think that they make the outfit look put together. But, I’m pretty tired of always wearing them the same way, and I’ve seen that lately there’s a huge trend that is innovating the way you style a shirt. So, why not?

Today I’m going to show you a few alternative ways to style a shirt and look super trendy. I love to inspire you and leave you a few options to recreate my outfits, so I’ll leave you some awesome shirts that I think that are a great choice and could look great. All of them are from an online shop called Yoins, that has amazing affordable pieces. I highly recommend you to take a look!


In this one you’ll need a big shirt, you can buy an oversize one or get one from a man (he must be big). The only thing that you have to do is to button up the shirt under your arms, and then tie the sleeves in the front. This is pretty easy and I think that looks so cute!

Important: This shirt must have sleeves!

So to recreate this outfit I chose oversize shirts. One in black to kind of have a little black dress, one in more light colors perfect for summer and another with stripes because I love them so much.

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This is pretty simple because you have to do the same as you were getting dressed. Just button up the shirt but leave the collar of it around your shoulders. Then place it till it looks like a big V neck. This looks super classy and I love it!

The options that I leave you to recreate it is a pink shirt without the collar to make the V-neck well defined, the denim one that everybody needs and another white with transparencies that I think that would look gorgeous.

denim 4 (1)


The most simple of all. Just wear the front of the shirt on the back. This looks gorgeous if the shirt has some details!

So below I leave you three options that I’m obsessed with. The first and second one are perfect because you’ll show your back and the third one has wonderful and colorful details.

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To get this you’ll need an ordinary shirt and you’ll have to do the same as the dress one. Button it up under your arms and then tie the sleeves in the front. This is a very cool alternative!

Important: This shirt must have sleeves!

You could do this with pretty every single shirt (with sleeves) but I felt in love with this three. The first one has super cute pom poms on the bottom, the second one has a beautiful color and the third one is perfect for a day near the sea with a navy vibe.

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Which way is your favorite? Would you wear a shirt in any of this ways? Tell me your thoughts in the comment box down below!

Love and lipstick ❤