Summer is ending and we are all ready for fall, but I don’t want to say goodbye until you see me wearing something colorful. You all know that I’m not a huge fan of color, but I try my best to add a pop of color to my outfits.

This time, I wanted to take the risk and style a colorful top from Romwe. It is a huge trend right now to show your shoulders and wear flounces, so I really had the need to show it. To stand out my top I only wore black shorts, black platform sandals and a crossbody bag from Zaful.

Do you like adding pops of color to your outfits? Do you like how I styled this top? Tell me your opinion in the comments!

Love and lipstick ❤


40 thoughts on “IF LIFE GIVE YOU LEMONS…

  1. That top is seriously so cute, as are you! I love both monochrome and color… So that makes me kinda bipolar when it comes to clothing, haha.
    Love your style!



    • It happens to me too, but I end up wearing monochromatic outfits and sometimes with a pop of color somewhere.

      Mireia from TGL ❤


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