Doesn’t matter if you are going back to school, work or other responsibilities, we all don’t want to. We prefer to free and go wherever we want whenever we want. Am I right? But life is this way, and there are days that we like and others that we don’t. That’s just how life goes.

Today I wanted to bring you a big smile and show you this super cute sporty outfit. As you may know, I’m a Zaful lover, so obviously, all the pink items that I’m wearing are from this amazing online shop. And I highly recommend you to take a look through their site because they have a lot of affordable fashion, and the shipping is great. So, as I was saying, I hope that this pink outfit makes your day a little more colorful!

Do you like the items that I picked out for this outfit? Which is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

Love and lipstick ❤