New season, new clothes. This time, I really wanted to show you what I have on my fall fashion wishlist. All the items are from an online shop called Romwe that has amazing fashion at amazing prices, and I highly recommend you to take a look. All the items will be linked, so just click on the images to check out the product on the official web page.

You’ll see that I always wear neutral colors and that I try to incorporate new trends, but always following my style.

Tell me in the comment box which item do you like the most! I’m anxious to read your opinions!

Love and lipstick ❤


 1471568126538858954.jpg 1473383139372231584.jpg

1474882489490089399 1472262129889996166 1464155172885949515.jpg

1470359486779141819 1474505936442854732 1472432940043641610

1454563054772778863.jpg 1473675165979669321 1474850474439849134.jpg

1470963800094673602 1475823328772150709.jpg 1472262220217961970


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