It’s been so long looking for the perfect victorian top and I finally found it. This is the most beautiful top I have ever seen, and I found it in a fabulous online shop called Tobi. I think that this white lace top looks amazing and it’s very flattering. And, of course, I couldn’t help myself to take some pictures with my cat because he was staring at me while the photo shooting, and I thought that he would loo so cute.

Returning to the top, as I said is from an online shop called Tobi that I have recently discovered and I’m in lover with. They have pieces from several brands and designers, so don’t forget to take a look. Soon I’ll be showing more clothes from them!

What do you thing about this lace top? And about my cat? Tell me everything you want in the comment box and I’ll be glad to read it!

Love and lipstick ❤