Today’s post is in honor of those days when you wake up and feel so lazy. Those days when you really want to wear comfortable clothes. I know that all of us have this kind of days, so today I really wanted to show you how I use to dress then I have a lazy day but I have to go out.

I always go for a big comfortable sweatshirt like this baby blue one from Romwe that I’m obsessed with. Then some jeans and sneakers. Everything so casual and comfortable, but still stylish because of the blue color that makes you look more awake.

As I said, the main piece of this outfit is the sweatshirt. It is from Romwe, an online shop that I’m sure that you’ve ever heard about. I’m so happy with the pieces that I have from there and the shipping is always very fast. You should give Romwe a try!

What do you use to wear on you lazy day? Do you like this baby blue sweatshirt? Tell me about it in the comment box and I’ll be glad to read it!

Love and lipstick ❤


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