Prom night is one of those nights that can either be the most memorable or disastrous. Prom night disasters include being stood up, poor fashion sense, or an embarrassing experience that will stick to the minds of your peers forever. However, you can be prepared for it and make it one of the best nights of your life. In order to avoid lifetime embarrassment, we provide you with insights on the perfect dress and the people to have around you on prom night.  Here are some tips on how to achieve that:

Prepare Beforehand

I cannot stress how important planning ahead is when it comes to prom. Overlooking a simple detail such as who pays for what is vital. A good example is when you decide on the dress you want but decide to check it out a week before prom. If you are not the one buying the dress, you need to inform whoever is and make plans, book it too if you can.

Next, imagine having to check out of the venue and when it is time to pay the bill, you start looking at each other awkwardly for your date. Or looking like a rainbow next to your date because you did not decide on the colors to wear for prom night. Avoid such disaster by looking at the minor details and planning ahead.

Choose The Perfect Dress

A prom night dress is not like any other dress. It needs to:

  • Stand out and not match, or be a new or old version of another.
  • Fit perfectly and comfortable to wear at the same time.
  • Look dazzling on you as this will boost your confidence too.

The theme for your prom night will also dictate what color of dress to wear so make sure you gather such information before choosing the dress. When it comes to prom, the best dress is the only option. You can find the perfect dress at and on reliable dress stores near you.

Inform Your Date Early

Prom dates have turned out to be successful marriages or life lessons for most people. Due to the uncertainty, most teenagers choose to invite friends or even a family member on certain occasions. However, prom is couple-oriented so make sure you find a prom date way early to avoid a prom date disaster.

In most occasions, it is the guy who asks the girl out but don’t be afraid to turn the tables and take the initiative. The earlier you get your date, the more familiar you will be with them, and this will also help eliminate questions of what they like or how to act as you will already have an idea. Awkward moments can lead to very embarrassing situations.

Carry Perfume/Deodorant and Wipes

Despite the fact that the slow dance in the arms of your date is the highlight of any dance on prom night, there are also other forms of dancing throughout the night. The place will be crowded as not many teenagers would want to miss prom and it has to be in a safe location. Not to mention, your favorite music will be playing throughout the night so you are bound to dance a lot.

The most embarrassing moment is when that slow dance comes and you are not comfortable close to your date because of the sweat leaking through your dress. Before the songs come on, excuse yourself and go wipe the sweat and apply a little perfume. In addition, if you wear makeup, redoing it wouldn’t hurt as you can be sure some of it will have been ruined by the sweat.

Also, before you walk out the door, spray your neck. The reason for this is that our hair holds fragrance longer than the skin; so even if the last dance catches you unaware, you will still smell good when you hug your date.

Get Your Makeup Right

On a night when you need to look your best, anything less can be considered room for disaster. Think of the hundreds of photos that will be taken; some when you are aware, others by surprise. In addition, it is not only your face that needs to look good but your whole body as well so take time out for a proper manicure and pedicure. 

Spray tans can make your skin look orange and unnatural. Avoid them and drink lots of water to ensure your skin is soft and responds well to make up. This video may help you. 

The video further stresses the importance of taking care of your skin by eating clean food and having a good night sleep. It also has important pointers on the things you should do to avoid prom night disaster.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Those dazzling high heels your favorite pop star or model wears are not that easy to wear. Whether you do or do not have experience with a lot of shoes, the most dazzling is often not the most comfortable to wear. In a night that will have you dancing, mingling and maybe even running, a comfortable shoe will work to your advantage.

Avoid Drama

Energy is everything when it comes to creating memories. The people you will surround yourself with on this night will be both, directly and indirectly, involved in its outcome. Having people who often start drama or are dramatic will attract a lot of attention and not in a good way.

This, in turn, changes the mood of the entire group and you may end up ruining your night before it even starts. So whether it is sharing the limo or enjoying the night together, find the company that will give you the right energy for a memorable prom night.

These are some super useful tips that I’ve given. I hope that these are useful for you too! Tell me your opinion and more tips in the comments down below!

Love and lipstick ❤

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