Today it’s definitely been a wonderful day! Surprisingly I won a giveaway, and Costa Coffee (my fave coffee place by the way) invited me to Palo Alto Market (my fave market). So cool, right?!

I’ve gone with two of my best friends and we’ve had so much fun in there. I love this market because there are a lot of people with great ideas and amazing brands, so I always discover great new things in there. But this time there was something special.

The first thing is that we surprised the Costa Coffe event organizer, because we’re huge lovers of the company, and she wanted to gift us, because of out loyalty,  with a coffee of our choice. Yummy! And then, we were in the Bitter Kas stand and they asked us to take some pictures. Of course! So they gave us drinks and the photographer started to take photos of us. That was insane, I felt like a model posing for a campaign! So I’ll have to wait to see those photos and share them on the blog!

Love and lipstick ❤


Photos taken in Palo Alto Market, Poblenou (Barcelona)


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