Good news! My blog’s 2nd anniversary is so soon! Because of that, I want to do something special, and I came with the idea of a Q&A. I’ve realized that two years is so long, and you don’t know many things about me. So the 10th January (that’s the day!) I’m going to share a pretty different post than the ones that I use to do. In that post I am going to tell you some curiosities that you don’t know about me, and I’ll be responding as well some of your questions as well. I am so excited because this way you’ll get to know me better. Cool, right?!

Leave in the comments below all the questions that you want me to answer and maybe I’ll respond them on the 10th January!

Love and lipstick ❤


Photos were taken at PaloAlto Market (Barcelona)



P.S.: Today I’m wearing a pretty simple outfit. Just wearing black, white and camel. And, of course, this gorgeous black bag from Sammydress.

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