The other day I went to the drugstore and I realized how expensive makeup tools are! We spend so much money on makeup brushes, sponges and other kinds of tools. So, I decided to look for low-cost makeup tools through the internet and try them. Honestly, the results are so good. Obviously, they’re not the same quality as the expensive ones, especially brushes, but they’re definitely good to have as a second option.


The first item that I got are these makeup sponges. We all know that the Beauty Blender is so expensive ($20 aprox.), but I got these for 2,48€.


The second item is this 22 brushes kit for 6,76€. The quality is obviously not the best, because the fibers are not so good, but they’re good as a second option.


And finally this strange item. I’ve seing this tool through the internet for so long and I really wanted to try it. This tool is supposed to help you do your eyeliner. I had a lot of expectations and it has dissappointed me a littble bit, but I suppose that it’s a great tool for people that struggels a lot with this technique. This was 1,28€.


So these are the three items that I bought at Sammydress to try out and review for you. My favorite is definitely the makeup sponges, and then some makeup brushes that are so useful.

Have you ever tried low-cost beauty tools? Would you recommend me any? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below!

Love and lipstick ❤

P.S.: Remember that you can leave me some questions down below that I’ll be answering soon in a Q&A post.



4 thoughts on “LOW COST MAKEUP TOOLS

    • All these products are really a good choice! I’m not disappointed at all! Remember that you can ask me questions that I’ll be answering soon in a Q&A!

      Mireia from TGL ❤

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