As some of you may know, last week I flew to Berlin with my two best friends to spend some days abroad together. It has been a great experience discovering a new city and spending all day long with them.

Thanks to trips like this you get to know each other better, even though we know each other since we’re 3 years old. I’m sure that all three of us will remember this experience forever as the first trip we did on our own, abroad, together.

Anyway, this was a kind of experiment to see if we could work it and “survive”. And… of course, we did and, surprisingly, very good!

The surprise? I vlogged EVERYTHING! So, soon you’ll have the Berling vlog on YouTube (which I’ll post on the blog as well) and this way you’ll see all the things we did, visited, discovered and more! Who’s excited?

By the way, I love the outfit that I’m sharing with you today because of the stripped top that is so pretty and I’m obsessed with it. What do you think?

Love and lipstick ❤

Top from Twikledeals

Jeans from Pull&Bear

Sneakers from Adidas

Earrings from H&M

Sunglasses from Dolce&Gabbana

Watch from Daniel Wellington

20 thoughts on “FLY

      • Love your blog!! This outfit is so so cute. I am totally obsessed with the stripped top as well! I will definitely have to get it! If you have the time please check out my blog and if you have any tips I would love to here from you. My name is Lexie Stevenson and I am on Young and the Restless on CBS and am now pursing blogging!


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