As many of you may know, black & white combinations are always my go to. I think that these kinds of combos look always amazing and so easy to throw on in the morning when you don’t feel inspired to create a killer outfit. But, as I always say, don’t forget to accessorize it to make it look more put together and expensive.

Today I’m sharing with you the outfit that I wore my last day in Prague. It is black and white and I’m wearing sunglasses for a reason, only three hours of sleep… Yes, I had been dancing all night long at the biggest club in Europe (it is called Karlovy lázně in case you ever travel to Prague).

So, as you can imagine, I looked like a zombie in the morning and I had no inspiration to put together a great outfit, so I decided to wear my fave skirt that is zebra printed with a basic t-shirt from Topshop and then sneakers to be comfy after dancing all night. Then, as usual, gold jewelry and sunglasses to cover my eyes (because I was falling asleep all the time) and I put my hair up in a bun because I had no energy in the morning to even do a cool hairstyle. But, despite all, my outfit turned out pretty good!

What do you think about the outfit? Have you ever experienced something like I did? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤