There are lots of ways to remove unwanted hair, but they aren’t all equal in terms of cost, comfort level, effectiveness or convenience. If you are tired of some of the traditional methods, such as waxing or shaving away unwanted body hair, laser devices may be able to help you. They have been used in the skincare field for various purposes, including hair removal, for decades.

Today I wanted to talk about some different topics related with it, and then give you my own and honest experience, since I used and I’m still using some of these methods, which I’m so happy about.

  • Understanding the Structure of Human Hair

Before you can understand how lasers compare to other hair removal methods you must understand what human hair looks like. Yes, there’s the part that you can see. But there is also a part which grows underneath your skin. That part is often just as long as what is above the surface, if not longer. Incredible, right?! The entire hair also has a root called a follicle.

  • How Hair Removal Methods Impact Human Hair

Each hair removal method impacts hair in a different way. For example, shaving hair cuts the visible portion, but leaves the rest untouched. Definitely not the best way, but unfortunately the fastest and most used. Waxing, on the other hand, rips many hairs out down to the root, but it is often uncomfortable and even painful. The process of removing hair with laser hair removal equipment is completely different from both of those options.

Lasers are able to cause damage to every single hair in the area which is being treated. The lasers are much more accurate than razors or waxing, which means that no hairs are missed. That’s great! Also, since each entire hair is weakened, the full hairs fall out, not just the parts that poke through the skin, but also the part that is underneath your skin. Since the entire hair is lost, it takes much longer to return.

  • Where Lasers Can be Used to Treat Hair

Another advantage laser devices have over other hair removal methods is that they are so precise that they can be used on very small areas. Yet, they can also be used on larger areas. The only major limitations lasers have in terms of which hairs they can treat is that they cannot be pointed too close to your eyes or orifices, such as your ears or nose. That would be pretty dangerous.

  • What Happens When You Make a Laser Hair Removal Appointment

If you call your local clinic to make an appointment for laser hair removal your clinician should request that you come in for a consultation, first. During the consultation the clinician will make sure that you have no issues which would make you a poor candidate for the procedure. You can also discuss your needs with the clinician and get a cost estimate for the procedure, as well as a time estimate. Keep in mind that laser hair removal usually requires a series of sessions in order to produce results. Also, the tame that it takes depends on your age and your metabolism.

After the consultation you will attend your first actual laser hair removal session. During the session your skin may feel hot at times (such a strange feeling, but you’ll get used to it, I swear), but your clinician will use bursts of cool air to help keep you comfortable. A soothing topical cream may also be applied to your skin after the procedure is over. Also, be aware that hairs do not typically fall out during a laser session. So don’t worry if after the session you still see those unwanted hairs. It will take time for the treatment to take effect, so just be patient.

  • Hair Regrowth Expectations After Your Laser Treatment

You should plan on seeing the hair in the treated area regrow eventually, but after your laser treatment sessions it may stay away for a few weeks or longer. If you were to shave it away it would most likely regrow within a week. Therefore, laser hair removal can save you time and aggravation when you consider the long-term results.

  • Own And Honest Experience

I’ve been struggling with unwanted hair since my body started to change on my teenager years. That has been something I have always wanted to keep away and something I don’t really like seeing in myself. I waited until I had 17 years and I decided to start with those lasers sessions. First of all, I researched a lot about it because I wanted to make sure that really was the best way, the safer and worth the money. Then I also asked about it to some of my friends and relatives to get some recommendations.

As I said before, first of all I did a short consultation about my skin and things related with it to make sure there was no risk. I must say that I was pretty nervous because some people told me that that was kinds painful… It really depends on how sensitive your skin is, but it is definitely not the kind of pain that you’re thinking about. It just feels like someone is pinching you, but it is fine with that really cold gel that is first spread on your skin.

I really noticed a huge improvement on the area, but a week and a half after or so after the session. That’s because the root of the hair has been burnt, and it slowly falls on the following days after your appointment.

Honestly? The best decision I have ever made. This is a topic I wanted to talk about for so long because you can’t imagine how many joy I feel. I know it might be pricy, but think about how many you spend on waxing or shaving tools. It is all about spending more money now, and then forgetting about it for ever (maybe you need a session occasionally but no more) and also about how many money and headaches you’ll save!

Have you ever gone to a laser appointment? Do you have any questions about it? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to know about you and I’ll also try to answer all your questions.

Love and lipstick ❤

20 thoughts on “LASER HAIR REMOVAL

    • I was scared too, I’m not going to lie, but what made change my mind was just what you said “the times when I struggle with my hairy areas”.

      Mireia from TGL ❤


    • I would love you to recommend you some, but I don’t know exactly where you’re based and if they’re recommendable places around there.

      Mireia from TGL ❤


    • Maybe you can feel a pretty strange feeling (some people say that it is painful) but nothing to worry about.

      Mireia from TGL ❤


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