As you may know, on my every day I don’t use a lot of makeup because I don’t have enough time and because I want my skin to breathe (so I don’t get breakouts so often). So, I usually go for mascara and clear gel to fix my eyebrows. But today I felt inspired and I wanted to show you how I do my makeup when I have a party or an event and I want to wear a beautiful makeup look. All the products that I’m going to be using are from Essence Cosmetics, a brand that I’ve been using since I started with makeup, and the one that I use every day (for mascara and clear gel).

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The first step is always to cover any redness, dark shadows, blemishes, etc with the coolest concealer palette I have ever seen. This is the correct to perfect cc concealer palette, and you have four different tones to cover all you want to cover.

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The next step, to get that healthy glowy skin, is the fresh&fit awake makeup. I love it because my skin looks so natural and healthy, and I don’t feel like I’m wearing tones of makeup on. Also, it says that has vitamin complex and cranberry water, which sounds amazing.

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To fix all the concealer and makeup we’ve put on, I’m using both of these powders. The one on the left is the correct to perfect cc multi-benefit pears, which I think that is so cool because there are little pearls of different colors to get that flawless look. And the one on the right is the brighten up banana powder, which I don’t use to bake (because I don’t really know how) but to set the concealer under my eyes or to set the oiliest parts of my skin (the T zone).

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Now it’s time for my favorite part. Mascara! I’m going to be using the one that I use every single day. This is the lashes of the day super volume mascara. I love the brush and how pretty my lashes look with this mascara on.

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Next step is something that I love to do. Highlight! I’m using the eye&face palette, which has beautiful pink, champagne and brown tones (actually the shades that I love the most). These shades are so pigmented (really really pigmented), and the one that I use the most is the champagne one from the right to highlight my nose and cheekbones.

Last but not least, it’s time for the lipstick. As I couldn’t decide which one to wear, I’ve chosen three shares to show you. The one on the left is the shine shine shine wet look lipgloss in the shade nº10 (dress up your lips!), which I love because it’s a beautiful nude color. The one in the middle is the same one but in the shade nº13 (red carpet starlet) that I’m in love with because of it’s really vivid color. And the one on the right is the sheer and shine lipstick in the shade nº7 (sparkling miracle) that has little shimmers on it.

So now my makeup is done and I’m ready for a party or an event. I love this makeup because it doesn’t feel cakey or too fake, and I know for sure that it’s going to stay all night without having to retouch it.

Do you like this makeup look? Which lipstick do you like the most? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤