It’s been so long since I wanted to write this blog post. I wanted to write something more personal. A long time ago I said that I was studying and blogging at the same time, and a lot of you felt identified with it. To study and be a blogger at the same time is a real struggle. At first, my blog was kind of a hobby and I posted whenever I could and nothing happened if I didn’t post anything for a month. Now, my blog has progressed and it’s kind of a job for me (not a full time one to make a living, but something I’m really proud of). I have to deal with deadlines, busy schedules, and companies asking when I’m going to share the posts for their campaigns.

I always want to show the best of me, and do the things I have to do the best I can. That’s why I love taking my time to think, execute and finish all my tasks, for both blog and studies. That guarantees me quality, but a lot of stress due that I’m always dealing with very tight deadlines.

For those who are wondering, I’m currently at the university studying advertising and public relations. It’s not something I’m crazy passionate about, but really curious and willing to know more about. In this degree, I have to go through periodic exams and lots of projects and work almost every day. This doesn’t leave me much free time, or rather, time for blogging.

I know that this can be stressful, but I really see it as something positive. Thanks to this situation I’ve become a much more organized person. My best friend is definitely my agenda, where I write every single deadline, appointment and event I have. So, this would be my best advice for you. Buy an agenda!

Are you dealing with studies and blogging as well? How do you organize your time? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤


  1. Sending lots of hugs! Trying to balance blogging with school or a full time job and not easy at all. Take a step back and take breaks as needed which is so refreshing. This is your space, and you decide when to create content and when to take some time for yourself ❤
    Green Fashionista


  2. Great post, I guess most important thing is not to stress out over it, though we miss your amazing posts, we all understand you need to set priorities. Give yourself time at the beginning of the term and see your time available over a month, then think it again.


  3. Absolutely understand where you’re coming from. When I was in university I was blogging part-time, and now I’m trying to get back into it (but currently in grad school.) It’s definitely a juggle, but I think the benefits outweigh the downsides. Always remember to keep your priorities, and uni is an important thing!
    xx @dylan_leah


    • University is a very important thing, but I’m definitely not going to give up blogging because of it. Balance is key!

      Mireia from TGL ❤


  4. I’m a final year veterinary student and have had my style blog for a couple of years now. Lately, my blog has been more consuming and demanding than I’ve ever dealt with before! (As has uni, with me being in my final year now!) I have been contacted by quite a few companies and have multiple collaborations going at the same time and girl, I’m struggling! I love that I feel like my blog is actually progressing now, and it just makes me want to work harder on it but I’ve really struggled this year with staying organised! The last few weeks I’ve been trying to set aside one day of the week (at the moment this is Saturday) to only work on my blog all day. This includes writing my posts, editing photos, replying to comments, shooting outfits and photos etc. It’s not ideal but it’s definitely helped me get things done. I need the rest of my week to study for uni, so it’s the compromise I’ve had to come up with for myself! Thanks for the honest post, I definitely needed this! All the best!

    Kelly Anne xx


    • I really enjoyed reading your story babe! It is great that you have a whole day only for blogging. That’s a really good idea!

      Mireia from TGL ❤


    • LAck of inspiration is something that also happens to me when I get stressed due to so much work. Try to save time for yourself and relax!

      Mireia from TGL ❤


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