It’s been so long since I wanted to write this blog post. I wanted to write something more personal. A long time ago I said that I was studying and blogging at the same time, and a lot of you felt identified with it. To study and be a blogger at the same time is a real struggle. At first, my blog was kind of a hobby and I posted whenever I could and nothing happened if I didn’t post anything for a month. Now, my blog has progressed and it’s kind of a job for me (not a full time one to make a living, but something I’m really proud of). I have to deal with deadlines, busy schedules, and companies asking when I’m going to share the posts for their campaigns.

I always want to show the best of me, and do the things I have to do the best I can. That’s why I love taking my time to think, execute and finish all my tasks, for both blog and studies. That guarantees me quality, but a lot of stress due that I’m always dealing with very tight deadlines.

For those who are wondering, I’m currently at the university studying advertising and public relations. It’s not something I’m crazy passionate about, but really curious and willing to know more about. In this degree, I have to go through periodic exams and lots of projects and work almost every day. This doesn’t leave me much free time, or rather, time for blogging.

I know that this can be stressful, but I really see it as something positive. Thanks to this situation I’ve become a much more organized person. My best friend is definitely my agenda, where I write every single deadline, appointment and event I have. So, this would be my best advice for you. Buy an agenda!

Are you dealing with studies and blogging as well? How do you organize your time? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤