This last month of work is the busiest and stressful one. All I want is some time to relax once in a while, to breath and do nothing, to get rid of all the stress. It is so important to have peaceful moments, especially if you work really hard. But, how to get some time for yourself when you barely have time to do all your work? I totally understand you. You can not go anywhere or meet with anyone because there’s no time.

It is all about finding something that in a few minutes can refresh your whole mind. It can be listening to some songs, do meditation, a bath or just a tea. Excuse me, tea? Yes, for me spending some time drinking tea is spending some time with myself, thinking about nothing, and just relax.

I think that’s because I remember the days I sent in the United Kingdom, where is so popular to have the “tea time” and just do nothing but talk and relax. In this case, I can be with myself or with somebody I’m currently working with. I adore drinking tea, because of its taste and what means to me.

I recently tried something revolutionary I wanted to share with you. I was only able to have my “tea times” if I was at home or somewhere where I would prepare my cup of tea. But, what if I was somewhere I couldn’t? That’s no longer a problem because of Ceretea. They have created a tea you can prepare in your water bottle. Amazing, right?

You just need your regular water bottle and one of their tea temples. You have to shake it 26 times and then steep for up to five minutes. That’s all! You can have it hot or cold, something I love to have during summer. And the best is that it is bitter free, so it won’t have that unpleasant taste if you let it steep for too long.

Now you don’t have any excuse to relax and have some peaceful time with yourself once in a while when you’re stressed.

Have you ever heard about Ceretea? What do you do to relax in just a few minutes? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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