I’m sorry to say that summer days are slowly ending. Soon we’ll have to go back to our business and the only remain of summer we’ll have are going to me memories and nostalgia. But, there are still some days to enjoy, and that’s what we are all going to do.

As I’ve told you several times before, I love France. There’s something special in this country that definitely has stolen my heart since I was a kid. I love to travel there almost once a year. I must say that every region of France is very different than another, but each and single one of them are so special to me.

So, here I am. In France. Basically all I did yesterday was to spend my time at the pool because the weather was pretty hot, and then stroll a bit around Lyon. If you’ve never been here I recommend you to because it’s a really pretty city with beautiful streets.

Today I leave you with some shots I took at the pool that really represent the vibe of the day. Just chill and relax. Also, I got a new bag I’m so in love with, which is perfect for summer and pool days. It is not a see through bag because you have a same color pouch inside, so you aren’t showing to everyone what you carry.

Last but not least, tomorrow is my birthday! I thought about doing a Q&A. That could be a fun idea. So, leave me some questions below if you want and I’m going to answer those in my next Friday’s post.

What do you think about pool days? Have you ever been to Lyon? Definitely tell me so and leave some questions in the comments down below. I’ll be glad to read and answer!

Love and lipstick ❤️

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Bag from MissyEmpire

Bikini from H&M

Watch from Cluse

Hat (vintage one from Ibiza)

Book “The sun and her flowers” from Rupi Kaur