Yesterday I turned 19 y.o., and I really wanted to do a Q&A here on the blog because it’s been a while since the last one. I told you to leave your questions on the comments and also on my IG stories. Thank you all for so many questions!

There were pretty similar ones, so I tried to do some pretty generic questions and answers, specially regarding blog stuff.

There are so many of you who want to start a blog or have just started and ask for advice, as well as many questions about myself and my life, due to the fact that you know so little about me.

Below I leave you the questions kind of organized by subjects (blogging, photos, fashion, traveling and personal life).

  • What made you start blogging? It’s something I’ve explained before because it is for sure the most asked question I get over and over again. As a kid I had a website with my friends and there is where I discovered that I loved to write about fashion. I had a own website for some years and then launched The Gold Lipstick! I love to share my passions and opinions with you, and prove myself every single day that with hard work I’m capable of achieving all my goals.
  • What inspired your blog? I don’t really understand if this question is asking about if someone inspired me or just why I started blogging. This last one has been answered above, so I’m going to tell you about the first one. At that time, when everything started from the very beginning, my biggest woman inspiration was Victoria from Inthefrow, who I still follow on social media. She inspired me to start my own blog and thanks to her I saw that a blog could be more than just a hobby.
  • How did you start blogging? I started from zero. I had no idea about writing and photography. Also, english is not my first language which made everything much harder on the very beginning (and a lot of spelling mistakes). I had to learn all by myself through my own experience, because when I started blogging wasn’t still a thing, so there weren’t informative articles on the net yet. Then, as my blog turned from a hobby to a job I had to push myself to the limit to negotiate and work with the companies that got in touch with me. Now you can find more articles about how to deal with brands, collaborations and sponsorships, but your own experience is going to be your best teacher for sure.
  • Tips for growing your platform? Both, for the blog and IG it’s all about engaging and connecting with other people. Follow other people and blogs and comment on their posts. People loves comments and so many of them check out your profiles and blogs back! And, another important thing I always say is to create quality content (not quantity) and be consistent. Don’t post to just fill a space, post to share something you’re proud of. Also, make sure your followers know how often you post new content and try to stick to that schedule. For example, I post on my blog on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and on IG every other day.
  • What camera do you use for IG/blog? This is not the fancy response you were expecting, but most of my shots (90%) are taken from my iPhone 6s. The other 10% are taken by photographers at events, shows or when I have a friend with a good camera. Actually, right now I’m looking for a good camera. I will buy one soon but I want to make sure I spend my money on something that is high quality and worth it.
  • What editing apps/software are your favorites? My favorite is definitely VSCO, and I have the VSCO X (for $20 per year I believe) which I love. I have all the filters available and I can edit vides too which I use a lot for my IG stories. Another app I use pretty often is Facetune, which I use for details and some retouches (de-saturate a pink umbrella on the background for example) but never to fake my face and body.
  • What’s one key piece you can’t live without? Fashion jewelry. It is my must have in every single outfit. Gold makes everything look much better!
  • Which season do you like dressing for the most? Fall for sure! I love neutral tones and during fall you definitely camouflage with the environment. I love layering turtlenecks with blazers, hats, and even a scarf sometimes too. I have no doubt that is my favorite season to dress for.
  • Which is the most beautiful place you’ve been to? I’ve been to so many beautiful places. I must say that every single city changes a lot depending on the season you go. But, if I had to choose only one I would say Paris for sure. It has a unique vibe I haven’t seen or felt anywhere else. Each street, cafe and building has it’s own beauty and it’s such an inspiring city I want to go over and over again.
  • Where are you from? Barcelona, Spain. A city I’m in love with because there are so many beautiful and secret places that a lot of people don’t know about until they get lost.
  • What is your current job? First of all I’m a degree student. I’m currently studying Advertising and PR at the university. Then, what I consider like a part-time job is this blog. As the years go by and I improve the quality of my content, brands are interested in advertising and sponsoring content on my blog, which makes a bit of an income for me. Lastly, this last month I started working at the FC Barcelona (the sports team) for events and matches, but just some hours once in a while, more for the experience rather for the money which is ridiculous to be honest.

These are the most asked questions and the ones I found the most interesting. I couldn’t share all of them because I didn’t want this post to be kilometric. If you have any other question don’t hesitate to ask on the comments down below and I’ll be glad to answer!

Any other question you want me to answer?

Love and lipstick ❤️

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