Music is definitely one of the most important things in life. A single song can take you to a memory of your past, boost your mood, make you cry, clear your mind… I think that it’s amazing.

I listen to music pretty all day long, except when I’m studying and sleeping. I love to do everything I can while listening to music. Get ready in the morning, reply to emails, workout, cook, do chores, go somewhere, and so many other things. I have different playlists for each activity and mood I’m in. I couldn’t say just one kind of music, because it all depends on what I want to listen at that time.

To play music I choose different devices. It also depends on the privacy I want or what I’m doing. If I’m getting ready I turn on the speakers, if I’m walking down the street I use the earphones so I’m able to hear the things that surround me as well, but my favorite device are definitely headphones.

With headphones, you’re able to hear everything so clearly and deeper. There’s a composer called Craig Armstrong that I’m obsessed with, that you must hear every single instrument and musical note. I can assure you that there’s a huge difference listening to music with headphones. A whole different world.

A while ago I got a new pair of headphones from Sudio and I couldn’t be more in love with them. These are the Regent headphones. Starting with the beautiful design white and gold, and also padded. To have comfortable headphones is so important because I’ve had bad experiences before with uncomfortable ones, so I’m glad I finally found these.

Every time I want to disconnect with the world I put on these headphones and turn on the music. No matter if I just want to relax, reply to emails, write blog posts, or continue with my book.

Use the code THEGOLDLIPSTICK for a 15% discount.

Do you like listening to music all day long? Did you ever hear of Sudio? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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Regent headpones

Sudio sweden 


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