My friends and readers know me because of my signature style: all about neutrals. All that I wear is either white, black, brown tones or nudes (with some little tone variations sometimes, but nothing too bright). My everyday outfits are neutral, my whole entire wardrobe is neutral. It’s been so long dressing this way, but everything starts for a reason. One day, while looking at photos from my past, I thought about how and when my style changed so much. I was a kid who loved to wear colorful pants and printed tops and t-shirts. Now, I terrify if I imagine myself dressing that way. Obviously, we all grow up and change our style, but I think that mine change a lot, not only regarding the style, but mostly the colors I wear. Today I wanted to share with you the reasons I came up with, that are the ones that made me change my colorful clothes for my current neutral clothes.


This is definitely the least fancy thing you were expecting to read in this blog post, but is true. I am a person who sweats a bit easier and that was an embarrassment for me every time I got nervous or something and a horrible sweat patch appeared under my arm. How to avoid those patches? Avoid intermediate colors. My best allies were black and white and certain shades of other neutral tones. Also, always make sure that the material is good quality.


No matter what you have in your wardrobe. Close your eyes, pick a top and a bottom and see the magic… They look great together! It’s so easy to mix and get outfits fast and easy this way. Such a life and time saver. If you think that your outfit looks pretty boring, add some gold jewelry as I do and I’m sure that it’ll look amazing!


As I said it’s fast and easy to make an outfit, but you’ll instantly look so stylish and smart. Neutral tones look so smart and elegant, and if you add the gold jewelry and accessories as I told you you’ll look so stylish without even planning it. What else can you ask for?

These are some of the reasons why I started turning my whole wardrobe into neutral tones. Would I ever go back to colors? Maybe certain pieces, but I definitely want to keep my beautiful neutral wardrobe as it is now. I feel so confident and stylish wearing these colors, and now that’s my signature style.

Which is your signature style? Do you love neutral tones as much as I do? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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