There are too many things I wish I had known when I started blogging years ago. I was a newbie just sharing what I loved, and not expecting something back. Just a comment from a friend or a family member telling me they loved it as well. That was all in the beginning.

But, everything has changed so fast. The blogging market has matured, and some people started to make a living out of that. People started to visit my blog, comment and follow me. After that, brands came asking for posts. I didn’t know what to do.

At that time, as I said, was the beginning of all the blogging movement, so you couldn’t find much information about it on the internet. I had to learn everything on my own, from my own mistakes and successes.

I decided to start this new section called BLOGGING 101 because this is exactly what I wanted to find when I didn’t know what to do when I first started blogging. The articles are going to be told from my own experience. Maybe some other people make it different or have other tips, but that’s the cool thing about it. We can all share our blogging experiences and tips and help each other.

I don’t know how often I’m going to be posting these new articles because I really want them to be high-quality content. Also, if you have questions about certain topics and you want me to write about, just tell me so in the comments and I’ll be glad to help.

Are you excited about this new section? Any topics you want me to write about? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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15 thoughts on “NEW SECTION: BLOGGING 101

    • We all wish we knew, but we’re not born with all this knowledge, so we must learn with experience and mistakes!

      Mireia from TGL ❤


  1. This is an awesome idea, much appreciated too. Im just starting and was wondering if you could give tips/suggestions on how to build a following, I have no idea where to find new blogs or how to give mine more exposure, some links with examples would be great. Keep up the good work, and thank you!


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