I’ve written before about how important is to have a little black dress. That dress that you’ll always have in your wardrobe and wear whenever you need it. Such a staple piece we all must have. A lifesaver.

This time I wanted to share with you another party look wearing a little black dress, but this one is much prettier than the last one. It is an embroidered little black dress from Hidden Fashion that I recently got and I’m in love with. It fits like a dream and looks amazing. Also, I got heels from the same brand to make the total black look for a special occasion, like a party or a cocktail. About the heel, it looks slim but it’s actually like a flat chunky heel, which gives you much more stability than a slim heel.

Black dresses are such a staple piece for me, since I love to wear neutral colors and black is the most appropriate for this kind of special occasions, because it makes you look much more stylish and chic. As I always say, gold jewelry is going to be your best friend. Add some statement earrings to your look and also a cool bag if you want, but I recommend you to choose a small one.

Do you like this party look? What would you wear to a cocktail party? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤


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Dress from Hidden Fashion

Heels from Hidden Fashion