The first time I collaborated with a brand was in my first year of blogging. One day I received an email from a skincare brand that wanted to send e some samples for me to try and review on my site. The product sound really cool, because you know that I’m crazy about skincare, so I accepted. I remember how excited I was because that was my very first collaboration, and I wanted to do it as perfect as I could. I tried the product at home, I wrote about the ingredients, the feeling on my face, the result, about everything. But, for me, that was not enough, so I decided to firm a tutorial on how to use the product as well. When I sent my review to the brand they were over the moon, so happy with it. And obviously, I was too.

After that, some time passed by until my next review. Again, blogger reviews were not a huge thing at that time, so brands were just getting started at it. Two years after launching my current blog, The Gold Lipstick, I started to receive a lot of collaboration emails. Clothes, hair tools, makeup… That was incredible, I just couldn’t believe it. I’m really detail-orientated, so I always try to make my work the best I can, as well as collaborations. I thought that if I nailed a collab another brand would see it and then they would want to collab with me too. And that’s actually how it works.

But, brands don’t always come to you like magic. Right now the 70% of the brands that I’m working with have come to me, and I’ve reached the other 30% on my own. I love to discover new brands that not everybody knows, so sometimes I just drop an email talking a little bit about my blog and sharing my media kit. That also works this way! Remember that it’s not about asking for free products, that’s definitely not professional, but just ask to create content for them, and I’m sure that there will be a brand that would be happy with it.

Always show your best in every project, collaboration, sponsored post, or whatever you make. Brands are going to check out how you write, your photos, how you edit, how often you post, your engagement… Make sure you do your best at what you love, and this way I’m sure that you’ll start working with amazing brands.

Which collaboration are you the proudest about? Do you have any other tips for collaborating? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤