I perfectly remember the very first event I went to. It was a well-known brand that launched a new collection for the season and threw a party for people who worked in fashion and media. Actually, I have to be honest and say that that is the most awesome event I have ever been to. Not kidding. The first one and the best so far.

Everything started one day that I got an email from a communication and pr company that invited me to an event from a brand they represented. At first, I couldn’t believe it because nobody ever before sent me an invitation, and also because the brand was so important. I just couldn’t believe that I got the chance to attend that event, and I also thought that they could have done a mistake. But, I accepted.

I was afraid, I’m not going to lie. I planned my outfit so many days in advance to make sure I was perfectly dressed for the occasion. I searched for information on the web about the brand to make sure I knew a bit about it before going. And I also looked for a companion for that event, because the invitation was for two people.

I dressed up, I got my camera (I really had to record everything that day, and you can find it on my YT channel), met with my companion at the entrance and just had fun. There was music, drinks, wonderful canapés (I wasn’t really sure if those things were art or food), and a lot of people (I didn’t know who they were, but I recognized some bloggers and journalists).

That’s enough storytime for now. Let’s get into the important stuff. Since that event, I’ve had the chance to attend to many more, which made me learn from one to another how to get dressed, what to do, how to act, etc.

Events are a great chance to get visible and meet new people in your niche. If you have the chance to attend an event you should show your best to everyone, and obviously have fun too. Today I’m going to tell you about some items that I think are crucial to make the most out of that event.

Find out about the brand:

Because yes, maybe you already knew about that brand or maybe you didn’t. No one is going to interrogate you at the entrance to make sure you know where you’re going to. But, I think that is so important to have a certain background or context about the brand, so you can easily talk about it with someone you meet at the event, on your social media, and also if you see the designer or someone who you see that is part of that brand (because they use to be at their own event to greet the people).

The easiest way? Go to their website and look for information at their “about” page. If you want to know about their story and how they grew as a brand you are going to find all the information on that page. Also, to know about their style and vibe don’t forget to check out their social media as well.

Get dressed:

Once you know the style and vibe of the brand, get dressed according to it. Obviously, you must be true to your style, because that is what makes you different in this kind of fashion events, but always dress according to their vibe. They’re going to like it and you’re going to get many compliments.

Also, find out if there’s any dress code. This is so important! You don’t want to wear sneakers when you’re supposed to be really dressed up and vice-versa.

An advice? Find something that stands out so you’ll get more attention from people and photographers (remember that you’re looking for exposure). And it’s also very important to wear comfortable clothes, so you’ll be more relaxed and comfortable with yourself.


Following the mentioned above, comfortable clothes are a must. If you’re wearing something that makes you feel uncomfortable, you’ll be uncomfortable all the time, which leads to shyness, not talking to anyone and getting nervous. And we don’t want that.

Practice makes perfect. The most you’re used to talking to people and strangers the easiest you have it. There are many people who are going to know each other, but you shouldn’t hide in a corner waiting for someone to come and talk to you. That won’t happen.

If you see someone wearing a cool outfit just tell them. I swear that from this you can build a great conversation. Introduce yourself, talk about your work, ask for theirs too.


To talk with people is key to events. You never know if one day you’ll be working together or collaborating. Events are full of other bloggers that can help you to grow and learn from them, photographers and other media people who will want to work with you, and even other designers and pr companies who will want you to attend to other events.

Networking is key. I felt really weird at first because I wasn’t used to talking to people this way, because they were strangers to me, but it’s all a learning. The most people you talk to and connect with, the best.

TIP: Once you’re at the event and don’t know who is who try to find people on Instagram selecting the location tool on the search page. A lot of people is going to be posting photos and videos, especially on Stories, so you can easily check out about them and know who they are.

Cover the event:

Sometimes brands and pr companies ask you to take some photos for your platforms during the event and share them later with your audience. So you take your camera or phone and take some shots of the vibe that there’s on the event, the new collection, the products they’re launching, or the fashion show.

But, you’re not always asked to do that. My advice? Do it anyway. They will really appreciate it and will want you to attend to their future events because you showed interest, you liked it and you give them the exposure they needed.

Last but not least, have fun:

After all these things I’ve told you, you may think that you’ll be there working and too busy to have fun. That’s not true! Find your balance. Drink something, listen to music, laugh with people, and have fun. That’s what events are for too.

I hope all my experience can help you with your future events because, at least for me, seemed like something scary at first, but now I just love to go.

Have you ever attended an event? Do you have any further questions? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤