Skincare is something I didn’t take too seriously since this last year. I always didn’t care much about my skin, and then I thought that doing a mask once in a while (in a long while actually) my skin would be perfect.

All that until acne appeared on my face. I have never had severe acne which caused me scars, but like every teenage girl, I didn’t like it. I tried products to cover it and heavy creams that were supposed to get rid of them. But, as you can imagine, nothing was magic.

It’s been a bit more than a year that I’ve been taking my skin care seriously, and you can’t even imagine how much my skin has improved since then. It is not something that happens overnight, but with a routine and the right products, you can really improve.

I repeat, improve, not perfection. My skin is not the most beautiful on earth, but it has changed a lot from what it was back then in my teenage years. Now I’ve got rid of acne, my skin looks glowy, and the most important, healthy and full of life.

During my acne days, I really wanted my skin to be as matte as possible, because that acne made my skin so greasy and oily, which I hated. Now that my skin looks much more beautiful, I really like that healthy and glowing skin effect.

Now, a question that I’m asked a lot. Do you wear makeup? I actually don’t wear makeup, just mascara. I’m really trying my best to improve my skin as much as possible, that I don’t even have to cover my skin to make it look even. Also, my skin really appreciates the fact that it can breathe throughout the day.

My skincare journey has been long and full of different products. You can really read reviews from other people and see what work for them, but for much similar that your skin looks to their, not all the products are going to work the same for you. So, it’s great to have some advice and reviews, but you must try yourself and judge. That means that I’ve tried a lot of different products until I found the ones that worked the best for me.

I would categorize my skincare products in three blocks: masks, creams, and toners. Today I’m going to share with you which is my current skincare routine that took me so long to curate. As I said, this won’t mean that all these products are going to work for you too, but it’s a great guide to start from.


I’ve tried many masks throughout the years, expecting miracles from them, but turns out that your skin won’t improve from zero to ten with just a sheet mask. I had to try the same mask several times in a row to really see if it really worked and its effect on my skin. After these many masks, I’ve chosen the top 3 that have worked like a dream for me.

This one I discovered it because I used to ask for samples every time I went to Lush. Once I saw that this mask worked on my skin I bought the real entire product.

You may or may not like the smell of it, I personally don’t care much because it doesn’t bother me. It is made from ingredients like tea tree oil, garlic, honey, eggs, and green grapes. I really appreciate that this face mask is naturally based, so it won’t cause any side effects on my skin.

This face mask is antiseptic and cleansing. I verify that. After using it for a month I could see how my acne vanished. Obviously, I didn’t have that beautifully clear skin, but the change was so significant and amazing. Also, it regulated my oily complexion.

I used this mask at least once a week, but sometimes twice a week. It has a budget-friendly price, which is great for such a great product that works so well on my skin. You get 2.1oz for $9.95.

I’ve heard so many great things from this brand for such a long time and I finally got the change to reviews some of their products on a collaboration we had. That’s where I discovered the next product that helped my skin improve.

I know that this is a face scrub and not a face mask, but it has so many great ingredients and oils (and you’re supposed to leave it on your skin for a few minutes after the exfoliation), so I added this product to this section.

You already know that I love to try the products several times before writing a review about them. After the very first use, I was amazed, but I wanted to try it a bit more to see if my skin improved with its use. Oh wow. Babyface! The scrub is so gentle with your skin, which is great for sensitive skins, and all the ingredients it has (rosehip oil, coconut, grapeseed, sweet almond oil, etc) really soak into your skin when you leave it for a few minutes.

I’ve been using this once a week for months now and I can really see how my scars and breakouts have improved. Also, the glow it gives to my skin is so beautiful. This one is a bit more pricey but you get so much product in one bottle. You get 210ml for 21.95€.

This is another product that I discovered through a review collaboration. I didn’t know about this brand before the collaboration, but after trying this several times I’ve recommended it to every single person I know.

The first thing that made me fall in love with the mask was its smell. But, the actual greatness of this mask was on its ingredients and the results. It contains pink clay, aloe vera, pomegranate, and witch hazel. All of these make your skin detoxify and brighten.

And that is just what happened. My skin feels so much smoother since I’ve been using this mask, and the healthy glow that gives to my skin is too beautiful.

This one retails for 29.99€ a package of 120g, but you have some offers to get two for less. Also, I’ve bee using this during all summer and it is still pretty full.


Because my skin was so oily, I thought that the worst thing I could do was to use a moisturizer. Why using one if your skin is definitely not dry? Well, I was wrong.

Once I changed my mind, I started to look for “oily skin type moisturizers”. I’ve used too many of them, and let me be honest, for me they’re trash. Those moisturizers made my skin feel so bad and sensitive. I don’t really know which ingredient brands use for that kind of moisturizer but that was just horrible. The only one my skin could stand was the dramatically different + from Clinique. That one, with a gel formula, felt pretty good, but I used it only for winter and cold months because that was a bit too moisturizing in my opinion.

Despite that, thanks to trying new products over and over again, I made it to find my current favorites, which I’ve been using for over a year now and I couldn’t be happier.

This is the most random product I have ever bought. I remember that I was in Berlin and I saw a big TK Maxx. I decided to take a look at the beauty and skin care section because there were many products at a really good price, and I wanted to give some of them a try. Here’s when I got this moisturizer. It was so cheap and the packaging and label were promising.

The first time I tried it I thought that I didn’t like it because at first, it feels a bit heavy and that your skin is not going to absorb it, but turns out it does. My skin feels so moisturized and the glow it gives to my skin is something unseen before from a moisturizer.

Thanks to this product and the huge change it did on my skin, I discovered that natural based products were so important to me. As I’ve told you many times before, since I’ve been using products with natural ingredients my skin has improved so much. In case you were wondering the ingredients, this is made from aloe vera, rosehip oil, avocado, and sesame oil mainly.

I’ve seen this product retailing for different prices, but on the official page from the brand says that you get 125ml for $10.95, which I think that is great for such an amazing product, and the bottle lasts so long because you just need a little amount every day.

Aloe vera has always been a huge thing, but there are too many brands selling the “same”. I’ve used so many different brands and I just can’t stand when an aloe vera gel smells like perfume. That irritates your skin because it has alcohol, so that is not beneficial.

When I was about to give up aloe vera I was gifted this one. The label was promising because it said that this is made from ecological farming, without perfume, and without preservatives. At this point, I was so into natural ingredients, so this sounded great.

After using it several times I fell in love with it and I’ve been re-stocking it for such a long time. I use it mostly for my face, but it’s also a great product if you body skin feels a bit dry. This is not sticky and your skin absorbs it so fast. Again, with a beautiful glow and healthy look.

This is a product from the Canary Islands and I don’t think if they only retail in Spain or if they do international, but you have a bottle of 200ml for 10.95€, which is great because aloe vera can get really pricey sometimes and this one is definitely worth the price.


I never thought I would buy something like this, because I never knew the use of them. As I’ve told you before, alcohol harms your skin so much, and most of the toners are full of it. That’s why I never gave them a try. But, I discovered that a brand I loved so much had a toner, so why not try.

Yes, Sukin again. I already told you that once I discovered this brand everything changed. I was so in love with my moisturizer that I decided to take a look at the other products that the brands had, and I saw this mist toner.

I finally got it because it was alcohol and paraben free. How amazing is that! It is all made from chamomile and rosewater. As you can imagine, smells so good. It feels so refreshing on the skin and gives me a glow that looks so beautiful. Perfect if you don’t wear makeup as me but want to have a beautiful looking skin. When I use it the most? When I have to wake up really early and my face is still so sleepy and tired. I spray this mist on my face several times and then massage it until it absorbs it a bit. This feels so good and refreshing.

Again, a great product at a great price. Like the other one, you get 125ml for $10.95.

These are all the products I’ve carefully chosen throughout the time to really improve my skin. Since I was a teenager with acne I tried so hard to make a change in my skin and I never achieved it even though I bought really expensive and promising lotions.

My huge change has been thanks to natural ingredients as you may have seen. I don’t have really sensitive skin, but I’ve seen that my skin doesn’t like chemicals. That causes me so many breakouts and a dull looking skin. Thanks to my many reviews and curiosity for skincare I’ve finally discovered which are my best products. As I told you at the very beginning of this post, every one of us has a very different skin, but you can take all this information as an advice.

Also, I’m continuously trying new products, so I’ll be sharing all the reviews here on my blog so you can know a bit more about my updates on skincare and my opinion about those products.

Which are your favorite skincare products? Did you know any of the ones I’ve mentioned? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤


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