The weather is weirder than ever here in Barcelona. From one day to another the weather gets so cold, and then the next day it’s so hot again. Then we’ve had several days with heavy rain and thunderstorms, and then hot again. Weird.

That’s why I’m struggling more than ever when it comes to clothing and outfits. I never know what to wear. When you get dressed it’s hot outside, but in the afternoon it rains, and in the night it gets really cold. How am I supposed to dress?

Also, a huge struggle I’m facing right now is shooting. I have a lot of outfits planned to shoot for some collaborations I have, but every time I schedule a shoot it rains and I just can’t take a single photo. And that pisses me off a lot.

But, the other day I managed to shoot an outfit I’m so obsessed with, that it’s pretty similar to another one I shared with you last week and you loved a lot. I managed to shot it while it was slightly raining, but we could make it with a couple umbrellas (one for me and the other for the person behind the camera).

I’m so obsessed with blazers as you may have noticed, and I love that casual but really stylish look. Again I wore a white basic blazer from MissyEmpire with a beautiful belt and these chunky sneakers I’m wearing every single day. This time I accessorized my outfit with a nude bag that matched the details of my sneakers, and an umbrella (more than an accessory, something I needed).

Am I the only one struggling this much with the weather? What do you think about the outfit? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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Blazer from MissyEmpire

Belt from H&M

Sneakers from Uterqüe

Bag from Zaful

NEcklace from Thomas Sabo