I hope nobody is thinking that I’m going to talk about how great an amazing is to buy followers, because that’s exactly what you SHOULD NEVER do. I thought that I had to write an article about this topic because there are so many people that have been overwhelmed with all this influencer/blogging movement going on and they saw this like the fastest way to achieve it.

The blogger/influencer market has been a phenomenon that has grown so fast in so little time. A lot of people have seen how some have built empires through their social media accounts and they’ve got to work with amazing brands and they even got paid for that.

Due to this, a lot of people wanted to join (which is totally fine), but several people saw this as an opportunity to tease people and get profit from it. How? Selling fake followers and likes. And every day there are more and more companies who do this. Just search on the internet “buy followers” and see it yourself.

But, let’s talk about the negative side of all this. First, let’s talk about what affects you, and then what affects others.


It is so easy to find out if you’re buying followers. Too easy I would say. Just take a look at someone’s follower count one day and then the next one. Take a look at the follower count and then the number of likes that the photos get. And even, take a look at their followers and you’ll see how many random usernames and people who follow thousands of accounts but with no followers and posts on their accounts. Just too easy.

If your intention is to get recognized and work with brands, I’m sorry to say that they’re not stupid and they can see it too. A brand prefers someone with fewer followers and true engagement, rather than thousands of followers that are fake.

To buy followers is so dangerous because it lowers your credibility. You might just have 20% fake, but the other 80% that are real ones, no longer matter. And, even you stop buying followers you’ll have this bad reputation and no credibility as a blogger/influencer.


You’re basically trying to tease everyone, so you’re denying others to have opportunities that they deserve way more than you. It is so cruel and not fair that someone with fake followers gets to work or get paid for something they don’t deserve, while there’s a lot of people working hard to build their community and create amazing content.

So please, if you’re thinking about buying followers just don’t. It’s not fair, it lowers your credibility, and it’s easy to find out. There are other ways to grow your community. Slower but efficiently.

What’s your opinion about buying followers? Do you have any topic you want me to write about? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤