When we think about skincare we easily think about all those products and lotions we put on our faces to make it look more even and fresh. But, there’s more than products to spread on our face to improve our skincare. Starting with staying hydrated and a good nutrition, to the pillowcase we use.

This is something I have been curious about for quite a long time and I wanted to try it myself. I’ve read in several places that silk pillowcases can be so beneficial for your skin and your hair. Like something life-changing. I always thought that silk pillowcases were used for a luxurious looking decoration, but seems like it’s much more than that.

Silk pillowcases help your skin retain all the moisture and prevent wrinkles to appear. Also, something I highly appreciate, is that you’re not going to wake up with that bed head we all hate so much.

So, because of all these amazing things it is supposed to do, I decided to get mine from MYK Silk, because they had such a great selection of silk items, affordable and good quality. I got this mulberry silk pillowcase in a caramel color to match my room decor and my aesthetic.

Use the code "GOLD15" for a 15% off everything. 

It feels so soft when I’m sleeping, and I guess my skin will be improving a bit in the near future because of it as well. We’ll have to see that. But, for now, it looks really pretty on my bed.

Do you have a silk pillowcase? Have you ever heard of its benefits? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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Silk pillowcase from MYK Silk